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Pax Moot Court Registration


Law School Name*



Team Alias*

Team Member 1*

Team Member 2*

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Team Member 4*

Team Coach

The team coach does not necessarily have to accompany the team during the oral rounds, however, we do welcome their participation should they be interested.


Contact Person*


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Postal / Zip Code



Additional Information

Please provide any additional information that could not be included above.


The oral rounds of the PAX Moot Court are expected to take place in-person (with teams being present on-site in Antwerp). Online participation in the oral rounds will only be possible in case of justifiable reasons (e.g. COVID 19-related travel restrictions).


Thanks to this Competition's co-funding by the European Union, the PAX Moot Organization Team is able to financially support the participation of a number of teams that would be unable to participate in-person due to insufficient funding. Such teams are invited to submit an application (sent by email to, including details about their funding strategy and an estimated budget of the moot-related expenses (i.e. costs of travel and accommodation). The deadline to send this application is 13 February 2023. After all applications have been received, the Organizing Team will assess how much of the costs it will be able to cover, and distribute funding amongst the applying teams proportionally. It will be communicated to the teams to what extent the Organization can support them financially. 
The costs will not be paid in advance by the Organization. Only after the teams participated effectively, the budgeted costs will be reimbursed. In order to be able to reimburse the costs, the teams who have been previously approved for this funding will have to provide receipts/invoices of the costs incurred. 

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